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Stop Killi Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash


Nature and Patriotism

One of the things that I”m sensing more and more is the notion of patriotism and how it manifests itself in my life.

Two main things become evident around this:

  1. I feel the most patriotic when hiking in the woods and putting my feet down on the same earth that our forefathers walked on. We live in a verdant country that is both beautiful and bountiful. Sometimes we forget this when we are trapped in little boxes in concrete towers.

  2. I feel the least patriotic when listening to others talk about patriotism. Inevitably, when people are taking about patriotism it is inextricably tied to a goal they have in their language. Rarely do you hear about someone’s take on patriotism for its own sake. More often that not, it’s a poorly veiled excuse at divisive language set up to reinforce the US against THEM.

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