Thinking about leaving

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Thinking about leaving

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Why is this so hard?

Another day, another mass shooting.

I won’t even refer to the specific shooting that is triggering this post because there is literally at least one mass shooting a day in USA in 2022.

How did we get here?

America has a gun sickness. Between the NRA’s hyper militant stance that every American should be armed to the teeth and funding politicians to keep that ‘right’ unabridged, we now have a country where the money made from guns coupled with Citizen’s United makes for a reality where it is acceptable to live with a daily mass shooting while, we are powerless to do anything about it. That is powerless other than arming ourselves… 

I don’t know about you but I have been thinking about whether my family needs to leave the USA for our personal safety.

How is it that any other country is able to create policies around gun ownership, in response to mass shootings, but in the USA we get prayers from politicians? Prayers mean nothing. Literally nothing…

  • Why is it a person wanting to offer nail services needs a permit?

  • Why is it a ham radio operator like myself needs a license to broadcast?

  • Why is it any red blooded American can go to a gun show or shop and buy an assault weapon without any permit or license?

And here we are… 

Interested in learning more?

There are many terrific references with information on moving to another country. Here’s my youtube playlist on the topic.

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