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What is this?

I’ve decided to restart a website and instead of dealing with website administration, I’ll use a few hooks (Obsidian->Github->Jekyll->Netlify) to publish content to the site with a simple tag from from my text editor.

The content

The header of this site has navigation that is based on a sampling of what I make public in my Obsidian vault simply by adding a YAML tag

share: TRUE

Pretty neat huh? Just by adding that YAML tag to whatever note I’m working on, Obsidian will publish the page to Github and the Jekyll site will automatically trigger an update at Netlify to get the site updated. Why isn’t everything this easy?

So, the pages I’ve shared will either show as a list of links or as a nodes on a graph, depending on how you’re viewing this page.

If you hover on a node in the graph, you’ll see all the leaves related to that node. All nodes are clickable and the graph is scrollable.

If you prefer, here’s a list of the MOCs I’ve shared. In case you’re asking, [[ What is a MOC ]]?

  1. Art and Music MOC
  2. Reading and Writing MOC
  3. Social Media MOC


Notes mentioning this note

Here are all the notes, along with their links, visualized as a graph. You can click on a node to open the note. #knowledgegraph